Dražen Čular, PhD (Croatia)

Dražen Čular, PhD, is the founder and head of the Institute of Kinesiology and Sport, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Split. Author and head of many science and research projects in the field of kinesiology. He defended his doctoral dissertation in 2011 at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Split. The dissertation was the result of a research which included 730 subjects from 69 world countries and was conducted in 6 world languages. Participated as an invited lecturer at numerous international science conferences and was a researcher on a large number of various projects and programmes. Authored university textbooks and numerous scientific papers published in esteemed scientific journals, as well as popular science articles published in print and digital media. Acted as the advisory to the Dean on the development and implementation of contemporary technologies at the Faculty of Kinesiology, (2013-2014) and held numerous courses (Taekwondo, Sports Climbing…). Roller skating instructor, IVSS skiing instructor, international taekwondo instructor and state champion (1988), holder of the 5th Dan black belt, founder of several taekwondo clubs, member of the Croatian Olympic Committee assembly, former team leader of the junior Croatian national team in sports climbing and the selector of the para taekwondo and student taekwondo Croatian national team, the founder of the Professional Studies department at the Faculty of Kinesiology in Split (2012-2013). Since 2014 the Advisory for Training Level Inspection and Monitoring of all age groups of the Croatian taekwondo national team. Served as a member of the special police forces during the Homeland War (1991-1995) and is the recipient of the Homeland War Memorial.